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The Corporation is named after my father in honour of the hard work and dedication he and his family brought since immigrating to Canada more than fifty years ago. As such, Son Of Peter Inc. is founded on a set of traditional core-values that are rooted in family culture. The company strives to operate with care in the manner everyone did when helping one another meant something special.

Our goal is to achieve excellence and satisfaction by building on our relationship with you.

For those who've already trusted us, thank you for letting us into your lives and for those who haven't, we look forward to working with you!




We provide transparency on our services and their delivery, providing you with what you want and need, while maintaining the integrity of our pricing models.


We respect your requierments and finances, providing you with the best possible up-front cost and service.


We stand by our services to fulfill your business requirements, maintaining our overall core value principles in their delivery.


Your trust will be earned through our dedication to these core values as we strive to make our relationship seamlessly natural during every transaction.


There is room for friendship in business! Being friends means we care and caring about you is important to our successful delivery of services to you.


We understand and appreciate schedules and life-events and are committed to working with you to ensure the best possible experience.

Hard-Smart Work

We remain committed to maximizing your services by respecting your time and your finances and working hard, but smart!