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Where are the samples?

While respecting individual preferences for displaying on-line images, some samples can be found on the facebook page.

How will I get my photos?

The images will first be available by download where you will have an opportunity to share and manage them at your  discretion. The images will be available for download for a period of 30 days from delivery notification. For a fee, you can have your images accessible beyond 30 days, the cost to be determined depending on length of access. You can also make arrangements for hard copies of your images on Disc or USB media.

How much does it cost?

The cost can vary depending on the services you want. While there are some pre-planned packages and promotions, you are not bound to select from those options only.

While you may want to start with requesting a quote, We've always found that discussing your requirements helps better determine if the services and cost match up to your expectations. While being mutually respecful of each other's time, we would be more than happy to customize your event quote without obligation while.

What's the difference between you and your competitors?

We appreciate the work of the many great photographers in the industry today. Pricing will vary based on their experience, portfolio, and perhaps with what services you order. The packages we offer that customers have already enjoyed provide a high-value balance of service and cost-effectivness. Have a look at this comparison chart to take a deeper look into our offerings compared to others.

Do you print paper copies?

Yes, paper photo printing is available.

The Live Photo Booth events can have on-site 4x6 colour printing if you wish to order that service. The paper quality surpases most lab papers and the printing itself is excellent as the photos can be handled immediately.  

Post Event printing is also available at various costs depending on the size and quanity of images you desire. 

Do I have to pay extra for more prints?

Your photos are your photos! You will receive your copy of the digital photos and they are yours to share and print in quanity as you desire, supported by our certificate to do so.

If you've made arrangements for me to provide you paper prints, then there would be a cost for services rendered, but not because I am retaining any exclusive printing rights.

What if I lose my images?

Your images will be stored on a secure company server and also vaulted for up to six months as part of your overall service. You can make arrangements to have them vaulted for safe-keeping at $12+ applicable taxes per year. If you lose your images, they can be made available to you for download at no extra cost.


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All of the images are copyright property of Son Of Peter Inc. and may not be used without permission.

Note: Photo samples are reduced in size for a better web-viewing experience. Many factors will determine the real size of the digital file and the subsequent print.